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会社概要 About Us


Established in January 2004 as a Japanese startup, finetrack was started by a veteran with over 30 years of planning and development experience with a major Japanese outdoor manufacturer, and two others with vast experience in the outdoor field. Certified as a management innovation corporation by Hyogo Prefecture, finetrack’s business model directly connects authentic experiences to reliable products in order to meet the needs of users, all while promoting manufacturing with a focus on material development.

企業情報Corporate Information

経営方針Management Policy



  • 安全にチャレンジを楽しめる「道具」の提供
  • 自然の中で楽しめる「遊び」の提案
  • 幸せな職場・自ら成長する「場」の提供
  • 継続的に自然を楽しめる「環境」の構築

Working to serve outdoor enthusiasts and individuals who love nature.

  • Providing the tools required to enjoy challenging outdoor experiences safely
  • Suggest opportunities to experience nature in a fun way
  • Providing a welcoming workplace that fosters personal growth for employees
  • Establishing an environment that promotes and enables continuous enjoyment in the outdoors



Become a worldwide manufacturer of quality products for outdoor enthusiasts from our head office in Kobe, Japan

コアコンピタンス=コアバリューCore Competence = Core Value

  • 「遊び手=創り手」の神戸発の国産アウトドアメーカー
  • シーズとニーズをダイレクトに結びつけるビジネスモデルで、 素材開発からこだわるモノ創りで革新的な商品を提案
  • 次世代のレイヤリングや遊びを提案し、 アウトドアスポーツ自体の普及発展・市場開拓を行う
  • Manufacturer of reliable made-in-Japan outdoor products developed through authentic experiences
  • Provide innovative products with a focus on material development under a business model that directly connects ideas and needs
  • Introduce next-generation layering and enjoyment while fostering interest in outdoor sports and developing related markets

創業者プロフィールFounder Profile

代表取締役/企画Representative Director / Planning Director

金山 洋太郎Yotaro Kanayama


Born in 1950, Yotaro Kanayama worked for 20 years at a major Japanese manufacturer of outdoor goods—including as planning division manager—before starting finetrack and undertaking the dual roles of planning director and representative director.

With roughly 30 years of experience working with and developing outdoor sportswear and equipment, Kanayama is dedicated to developing new and improved materials for creating products.

金山 洋太郎

主なアウトドア経歴Major outdoor experiences

  • 1970年に社会人山岳会を退会して、新たに神戸登攀倶楽部を設立。
  • ロッククライミングで北極圏バフィン島・日本人初ルート開拓、黒部奥鐘山西壁OCCルート(単独)、山スキーで笠ガ岳・穴毛谷二ノ沢奥壁登攀~笠ガ岳~穴毛谷など、国内登攀・四季を通じ多数記録。
  • カヤック遠征はネパール・トリスリ川とセティコーラ、北アルプス黒部渓谷上ノ廊下・下ノ廊下。
  • 自転車で立山から黒部下ノ廊下走破など。
  • 2005日本オートルートスキー、2006知床半島シーカヤック1周など四季を通じてフィールドを駆け巡る。
  • In 1970, Yotaro Kanayama said goodbye to his local mountaineering club and began a new rock climbing club in Kobe City, Japan.
  • Today, Kanayama holds many Japanese records across all four seasons, including development of the first Japanese rock climbing route on Baffin Island in the Canadian Arctic and solo completion of the OCC route on the west wall of Mount Okukane (Kurobe, Toyama), as well as climbing the walls of Ninosawa in Mount Kasa’s Anagedani Valley and descending the slopes on skis.
  • Kanayama has also kayaked Nepal’s Trishuli and Seti rivers, and both the upper and lower corridors of the Kurobe Gorge in Japan’s Northern Alps.
  • As for cycling, Kanayama has rode from Tateyama to Kurobe Gorge’s lower corridor in addition to other routes.
  • In 2005, Kanayama finished the Japan Haute Route ski tour, and in 2006 he completed one sea kayaking circuit around Shiretoko Peninsula in Hokkaido, Japan—just some of the outdoor adventures Kanayama enjoys regardless of season.

現在の趣味Current hobbies


Telemark skiing, rock climbing, kayaking, mountain biking, river trekking, fishing, and other outdoor activities